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  • All-Russian Smokers' Rights Movement


    The All-Russian Smokers’ Rights Movement was founded on March 29, 2012 in Moscow to give adult smokers the opportunity to participate in the discussion about policies that affect them. The Movement represents a point of view missing from today’s public dialogue about smoking policies.

    As tobacco smoking is a legitimate life style choice of adult individuals, the All-Russian Smokers’ Rights Movement will pursue equal and fair treatment of smokers and non-smokers alike and respect each other’s’ rights. The Movement is focusing on the three important questions:

    • How can adult smokers play a constructive role in the on-going debate about anti-smoking policies?
    • How can both smokers and non-smokers achieve fair treatment when future smoking policies are considered?
    • How can we build trust and respect of both smokers and non-smokers rights and encourage realistic, non-extreme and fair smoking policies?

    In August 2012 activists of the Movement developed and submitted for public discussion the Charter of Tobacco Accord.

    After the Tobacco Control Law was adopted in Russia in June 2013, the Movement launched a national petition campaign calling the Russian authorities to reconsider extreme provisions in the law by taking action to:

    • Reinstate designated smoking areas in public places and HoReCa;
    • Regulate smoking at workplaces by agreement between employer and employees;
    • Exempt tobacconists and tobacco shop-in-shops from the ad ban and product display ban.

    On May 16, 2014, at the 3rd Annual Meeting in Moscow the Movement’s Executive Director, Andrey Loskutov, announced results of the group’s recent petition campaign - over 100,000 signatures from more than 500 locations across Russia.

    E-mail:  tabak-zakon@sinfo.ruadmin@tabak-zakon.ru 

    Official Facebook page (in Russian): 


    Andrey Loskutov, Executive Director
    Journalist, deputy editor-in-chief of the “Literature Gazette”, in 1989-2012 – CEO of “IMA-PRESS” agency. One of the founders and President of the Russian Cigar Union. 


    Olga Beklemischeva, Co-Chairman
    A doctor by education, Olga is currently anchor of “Your Health” program on Radio Svoboda. In 1995-1999 - member of the Healthcare Committee the Russian State Duma. Founder and chair of the NGO “For the future of children” that unites parents of disabled children.

    Mikhail Boyarskiy, Co-Chairman
    Soviet and Russian movie and theater celebrity, singer, and TV-anchor. Having starred in more than 40 movies, he holds an official title of a People’s Artist of Russia.

    Alexander Druz, Co-Chairman
    Most awarded master of Soviet and Russian intellectual TV-games since 1981, producer and anchor of TV-shows.

    Mikhail Leontyev, Co-Chairman
    Russian journalist and TV-anchor. Editor-in-chief of “Odnako” magazine. In January 2014 was appointed Vice-President of “Rosneft” oil company.

    Gennadiy Seleznev, Co-Chairman
    Famous Russian politician, Chairman of the Russian State Duma in 1996-2003. Chairman of Board of Directors of “Mosoblbank”. Member of Council for Russian Public Television since 2012.